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Jemima Hodkinson looks at Jenner, vaccines and Blossom the cow

In the library of St George’s, University of London, a large brown and white cowhide is proudly displayed inside a glass case. The hide belonged to Blossom – a rare-breed Gloucester cow who played an important part in the history of medicine.

Blossom’s hide was donated to St George’s by the family of Edward Jenner, the family doctor who developed Cupro Skirt ohmja by VIDA VIDA Good Service Fashionable Cheap Price Supply Shipping Discount Sale Release Dates Online oAvQ0Ta
a s amethod of protecting people from deadly diseases.

Jenner was born in 1749 in a village in Gloucestershire, where his father worked as the local vicar. He started his medical training at the age of 14 when he became the apprentice of a local surgeon, then moved to London to complete his education at St George’s. In 1772, he returned to his home town to work as a country doctor.

Throughout Jenner’s life, epidemics of smallpox – nicknamed ‘the speckled monster’ – were common in Europe. The disease is caused by the variola Womens Easy Eco Panties Pack of 3 Billet Doux 2018 YzPEcwpe
, which can spread through close contact with an infected person or object. Abouttwo weeks after the virus infects a person a high fever takes hold, followed by a rash, which appears in the mouth before spreading across the whole body over the course of a day.

Over the next few weeks, the rash develops into pus-filled sores which crust over and form scabs. When the scabs fall off, they leave deep scars behind. An infected person is contagious from the day the rash appears until the last scab falls off, which is usually about three weeks. During the 18th and 19th centuries as many as 98 per cent of children who caught the disease died from it; those who survived suffered from disfiguring scars, and up to a third became blind.

Although there was no way of treating smallpox once the infection had taken hold, 18th-century doctors did attempt to protect individuals from infection. The most common method they used was called variolation. This involved taking material from a fresh human smallpox sore and inserting it under the skin of an uninfected person. The hope was that the person would go on to develop a less serious form of smallpox disease, then once fully recovered would have lasting immunity.

However, many people treated this way developed serious, life-threatening smallpox infections that could then be easily passed on to other people. The crude method of variolation also carried a risk of transferring other blood-borne infections such as syphilis. Although many doctors were concerned about these risks, by the mid-18th century thousands of children were variolated each year – including an eight-year-old Edward Jenner. Luckily, he survived the procedure.

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